Organizers and volunteers responsible for bringing together TEDxTheGlebeWomen are celebrating and reflecting upon the successes of the first TEDxWomen event to hit the Nation’s capital. With more than 60 people participating in person and over 40,000 tuning in online, the event has created a ripple of conversation on a global scale.


“Women’s Integration Network Inc. is so proud to have been the title sponsor of TEDxTheGlebeWomen,” states Tara Dentry, Project Manager of the event’s title sponsor Women’s Integration Network Inc. “Not only did TEDxTheGlebeWomen have an amazing line up of speakers sharing ideas worth spreading, but the event itself was organized to perfection,” continues Dentry, “…what an incredible opportunity for everyone around Ottawa and across the world to be involved in the #ripplesofconversation.”

Over the course of the day, the Canadian Museum of Nature theatre was graced by six live speakers – Mailyne Briggs, Andrea Hogue Reynolds, Pamela Henry, Manjit Basi, and Peggy Taillon; three speakers from TEDWomen happening simultaneously in Monterey, California; and two previously recorded TED talks.


Volunteer Monique Stone states, “There is this beautiful thread running through the whole day.”

With topics ranging from gaining strength and self-love on our own journeys to accepting the grace and imperfection of balancing multiple identities, from owning our own heroism in forgiveness and gratitude to finding our own soul’s sense of meaning, from overcoming both internal and external obstacles to allowing our identities to blossom outside the constraints of existing power systems, the entire day was steeped in the theme: tiny ripples.

“For us, we are talking about all of the little actions, little changes, little things that come together to create larger change,” identifies Director of Programming Pamela Henry. “We believe that each of us, within ourselves, has the power and capacity to dramatically own and change our lives. That is what we wanted the audience to leave with: a sense of their own empowerment,” continues Henry, “And an understanding that it doesn’t end here.”

Just as the theme indicates, TEDxTheGlebeWomen does not end as the day comes to a close. Organizers are excited to be working with CHUO 89.1 to re-broadcast the live speakers in the week following the event, to be working with Extremeline Productions to produce the live talks to be shared online, and to have the conversation continue online.

As a continuation of the conversations happening prior to and during the event, organizers are encouraging people to contribute to the conversation on social media using #ripplesofconversation.


“Women’s Integration Network Inc. would like to thank all of the sponsors of the event, the speakers, the many volunteers, but most of all the driving force behind the event – Ms. Pamela Henry,” shares Dentry. “Not only did she inspire us with a vision of humanity that holds up hope and a call to heroism for everyone who has ever fallen and smashed into 1000 pieces, not only did she design the program for the day in her role as the Director of Programming, but she also masterminded the organization of the event…” continued Dentry.

In addition this event would not be possible without the contributions of the following individuals, organizations, and companies that believe in the power of creating spaces for innovation, creativity, and change right here in the Nation’s capital:

Volunteers: Sarah Smith, Monique Stone, Elena McGill, Leah Boon, Jordana Ross, Debra Schleyer, Donna Pantalone, Denise, Scott Kelly, Samantha Kelly

Vendors: Canadian Museum of Nature, Thyme & Again Creative Catering and Take Home Food Shop, Extremeline Productions, Dream Love Grow, Beckta, Flowers Talk Tivoli, Event Design Group Inc.

Sponsors: Women’s Integration Network Inc., Belmont, Shoppers Drug Mart, boom 99.7, Multiview Financial Software, Law Office Francis Aheto-Tsegah, Duane Francis (Portfolio Manager of Adam Capital – Mandeville Private Client Inc.), Marcil Lavallee Chartered Professional Accountants, CHUO 89.1 FM, Thyme & Again Creative Catering & Take Home Food Shop

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