We’ve had some incredible conversations today. We can’t wait to share the results of them with you! But, first, we wanted to fill you in a little on what happens at our meetings. In particular, the questions that we ask and answer a lot.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked in our meetings is this: Why TEDxTheGlebeWomen? Which inevitably ends with us responding with: well, what about men?

So…we wanted to start the conversation with YOU right here, right now. 


Let’s start with the first question.

First off, we have to follow some strict guidelines from TED. Women is because we are connected to the incredible, international TEDWomen Conference happening in California at the same time.

As you will later see…this DOES NOT mean that men aren’t welcome at this event. In fact, we WANT, encourage, and invite all men to join us. Otherwise, what kind of conversation are we having?

TheGlebe is for so many reasons! Our team lives, works, and plays in this City. And the Glebe just happens to be at the heart of it. We also know that the Glebe (and the Museum of Nature) are microcosms of the history of this beautiful city, province, and nation.

Stay tuned for part two…

P.S. Have questions of your own? Message us, comment below, or email us at info@tedxtheglebewomen.com.

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