Canadian Museum of Nature



Pamela Henry
Director of Programming

Pamela Henry came to Canada in 2000 with an aspiration and a dedication to walk her journey with her family. With the infectious combination of environment and space for movement that encapsulated the forward momentum of her career, she has lived in Canada ever since. Thus led to her setting up in private practice, using creativity within the scope of her insight and skills she established her diverse roles as consultant and facilitator to encapsulate her ever-evolving engagement. Her zest for life, her passion for humanity has grown and formulated itself into ever-reaching roles in the communities of North America. One of her biggest inspirations is the late Maya Angelou, her guiding spirit through the history of women of colour.

On May 29th, you will find Pam onstage as one of TEDxTheGlebeWomen’s live speakers.



Alyssa Comstock
Director of Marketing and Communications

What began as a journey to support herself has become a journey to support herself to support other women. A co-founding member of Women’s Integration Network Inc., a Social Worker by trade, and a lover of all things turquoise Alyssa brings passion, enthusiasm, and boundless energy to her role with TEDxTheGlebeWomen. Currently working in residential care with youth and with adults with developmental/physical disabilities, Alyssa has found her passion in supporting people to reach their full potential. As she straddles the lines between cultures, generations, and lifestyles, Alyssa is inspired by the women, just like Emma Watson, of her own generation that are coming into their own voices to challenge outdated, archaic, and patriarchal representations of the world around her.

On May 29th, you will find Alyssa onstage as the Curator.



Elena McGill
Volunteer Coordinator

Upon retiring from a nearly 40 year career in Nursing at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Elena was convinced that she could still contribute to her community, although in a completely different way. From a young age, culture and religion were instrumental in providing her with insight into the global disempowerment of women and, more personally, how her own life was being shaped to fit the expected slot. As a survivor of PTSD and a former Nurse, Elena brings a very personal understanding of vulnerability, along with a focused, passionate determination to TEDxTheGlebeWomen. The magnificent spirit and courage of Malala Yousafzai is her inspiration as she moves forward on her own journey to self-empowerment.

On May 29th, you will find Elena ushering you to your seat or supporting one of our many volunteers.



Leah Boon
Director of Logistics

After a lengthy Nursing career, Leah has moved into the health management sector. As a senior member of the team at a well-known not-for-profit organization that advocates for the advancement of children’s care, Leah is known for her attention to detail, her organization skills, and her ability to communicate. As she joined the TEDxTheGlebeWomen team, Leah has brought her extensive conference planning experience, her passion for people, and her love for good food!

On May 29th, you will find Leah leading our catering team.



Jordana Ross
Logistics Assistant

An entrepreneur at heart, Jordana brings a fresh perspective, an inquisitive nature, and a love for people to our team. In taking a move to support her own journey Jordana has spent the past number of years building a successful business, one that continually expands to focus on supporting and empowering other women on their own journeys. Her own travels, studies, and family have opened her eyes to the power of small changes, of support, and of empowerment.

On May 29th, you will find Jordana supporting our catering team.



Debra Schleyer
Logistics Assistant

A proud mom and wife, Debra was born and raised in Ottawa. Her thirty year career in office administration/management, finance administration and executive level administrative support has led her to start her home-based business, Doing What I Love. Her own business is built around the theme – tiny ripples. She is passionate about the theme, the TED concept, and the group that she is working with. Debra brings her strong interpersonal and organizational skills to the TEDxTheGlebeWomen. She shares a favourite quote from her inspiration, Maya Angelou: “I’m convinced of this: Good done anywhere is good done everywhere. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they’re stones that don’t matter. As long as you’re breathing, it’s never too late to do some good.”

On May 29th, you will find Debra supporting our catering team, as well as our other volunteers.